Wildest Moments 2

Wildest Moments 2


From My 'Wildest Moments' Collection

12x12 inch acrylic on canvas Comes signed front and back.  Ships flat.

(gallery wrapped around 5/8" frame)

I'm so excited to share my new series, "Wildest Moments" with you!  It consists of all abstract pieces with vibrant colors, whimsical shapes and spirited movements.  I fell in love with this color palette so I decided to create a body of work with it and integrate my standard energy and experimental shapes/lines.  I have to say, this is my first 'group' of works that really talk to each other.  Each piece is so special on its own and is also a beautiful addition to the collection as a whole.  

I coat all canvases with Liquitex Gloss to protect your painting from the elements. This is very important to ensure your investment lasts the test of time.

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