Soulard Coffee Garden's July Display

For those that have been following my art journey, you’ll know I like to show my artwork in various locations across the city.

This month I have original work on display in the Soulard Coffee Garden.

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If you’ve never been there before, I’ll set the scene:

The cafe is very cozy and decorated with exposed brick. There are two levels, both have comfortable seating for you to enjoy your latte, cheesecake brownie, or eggs and hash.

Their brunch meals are delish and I’ve always been more than pleased with the food, not to mention the generous portions. My recommendations include the Hash and Eggs, Huevos Rancheros, or a Breakfast Sandwich.

Aside from the trendy aesthetic and fabulous food, there’s an outdoor garden (hence the name of the place) that can be accessed from either level. The seating is shaded and relaxing. There’s also a little walkway with a mini brick bridge to cross over a fountain stream to the rear area of the garden.

If you’re in the neighborhood searching for a local cafe to relax and either have a coffee or meal (or both), my recommendation goes for the Soulard Coffee Garden.

You can also always expect the walls to be decorated with local artwork, which of course, is always a plus!

Here are a few photos of my installment:

PS: If you’re an artist looking for ways to find and create opportunities to show your artwork, check out my free guide that shares 6 different steps I use when looking for ways to share my artwork with new audiences in new locations:

How to Find & Create Opportunities to Show Your Artwork

xo Jessica