The Season of Pop-Ups and Events

Hello friends!

As my schedule starts to pivot towards my commissions list and new collections, I thought it would be the perfect time to do an overview of the past few months.

At Paisley Boutique | May 2019

At Paisley Boutique | May 2019

It all started in April and from then on, the season of special events was in full force. Over the past few months, I’ve participated in over 10 pop-up events!

While the locations and set up may have looked a little different, they pretty much all had one thing in common - I’d be painting live. I’d bring my travel easel, a blank canvas, and all the tools I’d need to create a colorful painting, right there on the spot.

The fun thing about the works I create live is that people get to see my full creative process! (and yes, the pieces are for sale - lot of people ask me that question actually)

I love when people see it come to life from the very start and decide they’d like to decorate their space with that very piece. They’ll purchase it on the spot and I’ll bring it back to the studio to add any finishing touches, gloss, and install the hanging wire. Within a few days, it’s making its way back to them all ready to be displayed.

Some locations, like Paisley Boutique and Bean Time Cafe had my artwork on display throughout their shop for a period of time. I was the featured artist at Paisley for May & June while Bean Time Cafe still has my work on display,

If you find you’re passing through Petersburg, Illinois, Bean Time Cafe is recommended stop for breakfast or lunch for sure.

Aaaaaand if you arrive before 11am, definitely order ‘The Hitchcock’ - it’s named after my father-in-law and is FAN-TAS-TIC!

Another fun thing about some of the pop-up events is having my husband Matt there playing acoustic music. He’s a singer/songwriter and it’s so fun to pair up. He’ll be playing some tunes while I paint.

We’ve just dubbed these events “Acrylics & Acoustics”

(thanks for the name Danielle!)

Other locations, like West Elm, had me pop in and set up shop for the afternoon. They were nice enough to even clear off one their main display tables (which was a gorgeous wooden dining table with rustic benches and trendy chairs at each end) and allowed me to design my own display - front and center - of my artwork, notebooks, and prints.

West Elm St. Louis Pop-Up | April 2019

The winter/holiday season isn’t the only busy time for vendor events - the spring is pretty hoppin’ as well! I was a vendor at The Women’s Creative pop-up event at the Palladium and also at the Handmade Market at Third Wheel Brewing Company. These were the only two events were I was not painting live.

Last but certainly not least, I painted live at the Broadway Oyster Bar during the 5 year birthday celebration of Rock Paper Podcast (which I also had the honor of being interviewed on in their Episode 719!)

Podcast Episode 719 - Click to listen.

The painting I created that eventing was auctioned off and a portion of the proceeds went to the St. Louis Blues Society. It’s a great non-profit that’s dedicated to preserving and perpetuating blues music in and from St. Louis, while fostering its growth and appreciation.

So, as this season of events & pop-ups slows, I’m so grateful for all the support, opportunities, and lovely people I’ve met these past few months. My gift is not only creating art but being able to use it as a way to meet some fantastic people.

I created a free guide.

Other artists have asked me how I’ve made so many connections and created opportunities for pop-up events, so I sat down and jotted some things down and pulled them all together in this downloadable guide:

6 Tips to Make Connections & Find Opportunities to Show Your Artwork

Click Here to Download

I’d love for you to be able to share your work with as many people as you can so I hope you find the list helpful!

My artwork on display at Paisley Boutique

My artwork on display at Paisley Boutique

As always, thank you for your support and for being here!!! I truly appreciate it.