9 Key Takeaways From My Podcast Interview: The Left Brain Artist


Hello there!

I hope your summer is moving along at the perfect pace and you’ve had time to relax and soak up the sun.

I’m working away on some exciting projects and was interviewed by the lovely Suzanne Redmond of The Left Brain Artist a few months back.

We talked about all things business… small things that helped gain new opportunities for my art, ways I grew my art business over four years, which ultimately led to my transition from Finance Director to running my art business full time.

Here are some great takeaways from this episode:

  1. Just move to a new town and don’t know where to begin in the art scene? I recommend visiting art receptions/openings so you can learn more about the local galleries, meet other artists, network, and start becoming a familiar face in the art community. It’s also a great way to learn more about art opportunities.

  2. Look up hashtags on Instagram to find out what’s going on in your town. I would also recommend using a hashtag like #yourtownartist when you post your work. That way when people are looking for local art, they can find you. For example, I live in St. Louis so I use the hashtag #stlartist. Do research and scroll through hashtags in hour city to find the best option.

  3. Cultivate a community over competition attitude. There’s room for all of us to succeed in our businesses so when you support each other, the bar raises overall. Be open to share knowledge and opportunities to show work.

  4. I talk a bit about Instagram and the impact its had on growing my art business.

  5. Every artist should develop a newsletter list so that they can control their contact with their customers just in case things change with the social media platforms.

  6. Your art business income should come from many revenue streams, so explore the opportunities that are out there and find the ones you’d like to pursue.

  7. If you’d like to offer prints, ask around to other artists and explore your options locally. You may be able to find a fine art printer who can scan your large pieces and print them on your paper of choice.

  8. Let people be a part of your process of making art by posting photos and videos of you starting a piece, working on a piece, and finishing a piece. Getting some behind the scenes and also taking your audience with you along the creative journey is a great way for people to feel connected to you and your work.

  9. Utilizing the stories feature on Instagram adds a personal touch and allows people to really get to know you more. Same as mentioned above. Don’t be afraid to let your audience get to know you and/or your process. - keep in mind you don’t need to share more than your comfortable with.

So get comfy and check out this episode filled with my very best tips and recommendations for starting out and growing your business.

xo Jessica


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