The Confection Collection!


I’m so excited to announce my new collection, The Confection Collection, available August 20th. Let me tell you all the details about this collection, the inspo behind it, some special collaborations, AND how to get first dibs on the new work….

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  1. What’s the collection of?

  2. What inspired me to paint it?

  3. Who I’m collaborating with.

  4. How to get first dibs on the new paintings.

What’s the collection of?

Think dazzling desserts, decadent pastries, stunning cheesecakes, magnificent macaroons, and pretty popsicles, all with colors so sweet you can't resist! (I know, that last line was a little cheezy, but I couldn't help myself)

What inspired me to paint it?

Matt and I drove to Kansas City, MO in May. We hopped into the Kemper Art Museum and that is where I saw Wayne Thiebaud’s work for the first time.

The piece was “Cakes and Pies” and there was just something about it that captivated me. Maybe the colors, the subjects, the visible texture, I don’t know - but I loved it.

About a month later, while hand delivering a painting to a client, they mentioned in conversation possibly creating a colorful dessert piece for their kitchen down the road. They talked about Wayne’s work and his colorful style. I completely forgot about being introduced to his work a month prior so I revisited the photo I took at the Kemper.

I thought here and there about that concept of painting desserts and sweets in my colorful style. For months I kept that thought on the back burner, simmering and planning it out. Now, it’s moving forward and I’m 100% excited to get these ideas out!

Who am I collaborating with?

When planning the collection, I realized I’d need photos of beautiful desserts to paint. Knowing there are bakeries here in St. Louis that make works of art with their desserts, they’d be perfect for this project. I reached out to a few that create artistic desserts I would LOVE to paint, and they said let’s do it!

So, I’m so proud to say each of the beauties I’m painting on canvas are handmade pieces by three local St. Louis bakeries! My goal is to create five paintings from each bakery.

I talk about collaborations with other businesses and how I love supporting local all. the. time. so I wanted to take this opportunity to practice what I preach.

Want to know who these three special bakeries are???

How do you get first dibs and first look on all the new pieces?

Simply by joining my email list. That’s actually how you get first dibs on all my new collections.

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I really try to make it a point to ensure I’m giving you value - Whether that’s special behind the scenes, first dibs and sneak peeks on new work, free downloads and info, etc. All in a non-bombarding way. Because I get it - when I sign up to receive newsletters, I want to keep in touch with people, not get a daily play-by-play.

I just like to drop a line here and there and take you along on my journey. :)

Here’s a peek at some of the first pieces that are works in progress:

xo Jessica